Tomb Raider Trainer v3.1

    Tomb Raider is an action-adventure platform video game. Published by Square Enix, Tomb Raider is the fifth title developed by Crystal Dynamics in the Tomb Raider franchise. Tomb Raider was released on 5 March 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. It has become the first Tomb Raider game to be given an "M" (Mature) rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, and also the first Tomb Raider game to be rated "18+" by Pan European Game Information.


     Setting out to "make [her] mark", Lara travels on the ship Endurance commanded by Conrad Roth. When the ship is struck by a violent storm and split in two, Lara and many other survivors are stranded on an isolated tropical island in the Dragon's Triangle. Lara has to find food and water to survive, fighting off the more dangerous animal inhabitants and trying to trace the other survivors. But a darker threat awaits as she is forced to harden herself against killing people in order to fight a group of malevolent mercenaries who seek to kill her and her companions.
     Tomb Raider is an open world game that combines action-adventure, role-playing game elements (including character progression, skills upgrades, side-quests and craft system), platforming, exploration, and survival mechanics. During a Twitter session with fans, Karl Stewart said that the game's campaign will last between 12 and 15 hours. Along with the main story, players will have the chance to do multiple side quests, explore the island, revisit places, and search for challenge tombs. It has also been confirmed that fire will be a major tool in the game along with a bow and arrow and a gun.

Tomb Raider Trainer v3.1
STATUS: ACTIVE png Tomb Raider Trainer v3.1
(since 6.03.2013)


1) Open the game (Tomb Raider)
2) Press the windows button so that you can minimize it into the taskbar
3) Open the Tomb Raider Trainer v3.1
4) Select what you want (unlock all weapons/infinite life/unlimited ammo)
5) Press the botton "Hack the game"
6) Wait until the message pops out
7) Click OK, exit the hack and now enter the game again from your taskbar
8) Now just have fun

Just hit the download button and get your trainer!


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